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Brewed year-round

Every night, from Château de Miserai ponds, a discordant concert arose which prohibited Madame la Marquise from any rest. In desperation, the noble chatelaine summoned the village priest who, with the usual ceremonial, forbade the frogs from singing for one hundred years in order to punish them for their stubbornness. Since that day, they have remained silent and will only regain their voice at the end of the deadline.

Coule Douce beers are drawn directly from our tanks to the taproom bar.

Be Hoppy be You, Saison dans l’Bayou 5.8% alc. The Saison beer style, also known as "Farmhouse Ale", originated in Wallonia, in the French-speaking region of Belgium. “Saison”, was originally created as a refreshing drink for farmers during hot summers. This style was traditionally brewed towards the end of winter and stored until the summer season. Today, saison is brewed all year round and has made a much-noticed comeback in popularity.

India Pale Ale (IPA) as it was known in England were brewed for the Indian market in order to survive the long journey from London to the ports of Bombay and New Delhi. These beers were heavily hopped so that they could withstand the long voyage. English IPA's evolved over the years, mainly due to customs duties, taxes and two world wars.

Tough Love Stout 6.0% alc. vol: Beer with an opaque black color that results from the use of roasted grains.

Blanche Wheaty Lady White Swamp Goddess 5.0% alc. A substantial part of the grain used in brewing is wheat. Cloudy and lemony, it is a top-fermented beer taking its name from the suspended yeast and proteins which give the beer a cloudy white appearance. In addition to hops, we add a mixture of spices, coriander and bitter orange.

In 2003 in the USA, a small brewery in Vermont called "Alchemist", produced a beer called Heady Topper. The goal fot this beer was to produce strong hop flavors and aromas, without the constraints of traditional methods, without filtration and without the heavy bitterness associated with classic I.P.A.s. The success and growth of Heady Topper very quickly inspired other brewers in New England to replicate this technique. Today, brewers around the world are producing New England-style IPAs (NEIPAs) to meet the demands of the public very fond of this tasty and exciting new style.

La Mortegriffe, our New England IPA, relies on dry hopping techniques which gives a lemony taste with light bitter flavors. Adding hops after the first fermentation does not bring any bitterness and allows aromas usually lost during boiling to be preserved. The oats used give an orange juice appearance to this version of the American IPA. Mortegriffe, brewed with a mixture of Citra and Galaxy hops, is served directly from our tanks to the bar.

A blond beer: La Chouchoute is brewed in the north of France according to our recipe.

Golden lager beer at 8.5% alc. Packaged in 75 cl bottles. Brewed by ascending infusion with carefully selected hops, Chouchoute reveals a very rich aromatic profile. A beer with character, topped with a tight and persistent foam, it can be enjoyed at cool cellar temperature.

A strong beer: La Chouchoute is brewed in the north of France according to our recipe.

Strong beer, 9.5% alc. This recipe is made from a special yeast, the style is a beer of character, topped with a creamy and tight foam which develops fruity and spicy aromas.

An amber beer: La Gargantua is brewed in the north of France according to our recipe.

Gargantua is an amber (8.5% alc) refermented in bottles. It is a strong beer with plenty of hop flavors and the pronounced aromas of special perfectly balanced malts; all generously accented with fruity flavors coming from high fermentation yeasts.
La Gargantua est à servir avec précaution, ceci afin d’éviter le fin dépôt de levure à une température proche de 10°C.

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