A friendly amphibian, the frog knows how make a racket on otherwise quite summer evenings at the brewery. Very present in our ponds, it has become our mascot and is an ideal subject of observation for both children and adults. Coule Douce beers are drawn directly from our tanks to the taproom bar.


Be Hoppy be You, Saison dans l’Bayou 5.8% alc. The Saison beer style, also known as "Farmhouse Ale", originated in Wallonia, in the French-speaking region of Belgium. “Saison”, was originally created as a refreshing drink for farmers during hot summers. This style was traditionally brewed towards the end of winter and stored until the summer season. Today, saison is brewed all year round and has made a much-noticed comeback in popularity.

Connect The Dots IPA 6.5% alc. Floral, fruity, lemony, resinous pine taste, the IPA (India Pale Ale) style of beer brings out the aroma and bitterness of hops.

Tough Love Stout 6.0% alc. vol: Beer with an opaque black color that results from the use of roasted grains.


Blanche Wheaty Lady White Swamp Goddess 5.0% alc. A substantial part of the grain used in brewing is wheat. Cloudy and lemony, it is a top-fermented beer taking its name from the suspended yeast and proteins which give the beer a cloudy white appearance. In addition to hops, we add a mixture of spices, coriander and bitter orange.