Le mot du Président

Craft is the marriage of science and art! In the beer world, this marriage is a mix of tastes, flavors and experiences that blended together define the essence of what a destination brewery should be.

Some of our customers have to travel significant distances to reach our location, how could we create an emblematic destination worthy of this effort? A balance had to be found between the practical requirements of production and storage and the creation of an infrastructure that could also maximize visitors experience! The objective was to create a new kind of brewery that combined production, bar, great local foods, tourism and events, all in an exceptional setting! Each one of our beers, every site improvement is a reflection of our enthusiasm and our desire to achieve this goal!

At the very beginning of the activity, we chose to start production with a partner brewery in the north of France to, initially, launch our beers and establish the identity of our brands. This approach subsequently allowed us to build a production unit well adapted to the market. St Sylvestre was one of Eurobrew's oldest suppliers. I had the privilege of representing them in the United States for almost 15 years and place absolute trust in their know-how and professionalism

Today we operate a state-of-the-art production unit on the site which allows us to proudly proclaim:

“Brassées dans le Perche pour être bues dans le Perche, on les trouve surtout dans le Perche!”

Dominique Levesque

Président et co-fondateur de la Brasserie du Perche

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